Jim Blair

I trained as a learning disability nurse and social worker.I have worked as a community learning disability nurse, lecturer practioner and am now a senior lecturer. I teach all sorts of people who work in health services, from learning disability nurses to midwives (who support you when you are pregnant) and social workers.

In 2002 I started holding open meetings for professionals and people with a learning disability. People come and speak at these meetings about different and important subjects.p>

I help people with a learing disability to become pretend patients in teaching sessions. This helps students to really think about how they communicate with people with a learning disability.

I run a group that helps parents of people with a learning disability to work with health professionals and services to improve care.

I am president of the forum (group) on learning disabilities at The Royal Society of Medicine.

I am a committee member of the Learning Disability Forum at the Royal College of Nursing.

I am working with parents of people with a learning disability on this project, called Shaping the future learning from experts parents as educators.

The aims of the project are to:

1. Look at how things are done now

2.Make a training programme to help parents get skills to teach people

3.Try out the education delivered by parents to services and professionals to see how it works

I want people with a learning disability to get the health support they need. I am part of a group called Death To Indifference. It was set up because of ‘Death by Indifference’, a campaign run by the charity Mencap. The group is trying to help professionals get it right for people with a learning disability.

The group is made up of the Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of General Practitioners, College of Occupational Therapists, Royal Society of Medicine, Mencap, Commissions for Carers and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

I also work with the Journal of Community Nursing (a magazine) and www.intellectualdisability.info I give my ideas on the articles that are written for them. I am keen to see how technology can help people with a learning disability and their families. This is things like computers and electrical equipment.

I love spending time with my family, watching West Ham win, running, listening to music, going on holiday and having fun.

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